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Surprising Effects of Taking Vitamin B Supplements, Says Science

Although B vitamins are found in many foods, there are a few groups of people who could benefit from taking additional vitamin B supplements. This includes older adults, those who have celiac disease , and even those who follow a vegan diet . There are eight different kinds of B vitamins: B1—Thiamine B2—Riboflavin B3—Niacin B5—Pantothenic Acid B6—Pyridoxine B7—Biotin B9—Folate (also known as folic acid) B12—Cobalamin If you suspect that you're deficient in one of the B vitamins, it's likely that you've experienced a few unfavorable symptoms. This is why taking vitamin B supplements can help with any deficiencies you may experience. Below, we outline four positive effects you could experience from taking a B-complex supplement or one a stand-alone B vitamin (such as a B12 supplement). After, be sure to read up on The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now . 1 It may reduce tingling in hands or feet. There are a few reasons why you may