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Taco Bell's "Best Burrito Ever" Is Coming Back This Week

When Taco Bell first released its perhaps cheesiest burrito ever, it didn't take long for fans to fall in love with the item. In fact, praise like "the chain's best dish in years" and "best burrito ever" was bestowed on the new burrito, which is no small feat considering how frequently the chain delights its die-hard fans with some epic new concoction or another. The $2.99 item was an indulgent version of the classic American grilled cheese in burrito form. Taco Bell said that was the literal inspiration behind it, and sure enough, besides the seasoned beef, rice, crunchy red strips, chipotle sauce, and sour cream, the burrito featured the chain's proprietary cheese blend on the inside as well as crusted (or grilled, rather) onto the outside of its tortilla. RELATED: One of the Most Popular Taco Bell Items In History Is Returning to the Menu Then, in true Taco Bell fashion, the addiction-inducing cheesy burrito left the menus several weeks later, a