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The #1 Best Almond Butter to Eat, According to Nutritionists

Not all nut butters are created equal. Even nut butters made with the same type of nut aren't necessarily on par with one another. Everything from where a nut is grown to what additives (such as salt, oils, and added sugars ) are smashed into the jar along with those nuts factors into both the taste and the nutrition profile of nut butter. Take almond butter , which has risen in popularity by several hundred percent over the last few decades. Almonds are packed with vitamins, protein, fiber, and fat that help balance blood sugar and studies show almonds can crush hunger . How to pick the best almond butter Choosing the right almond butter can be tough. There's a huge array of almond butters on store shelves—everything from raw to roasted to ones swirled with chocolate. With the numerous options available, you might be surprised to hear that the best almond butter to eat can't be found on a grocery store shelf because it happens to be the one you make yourself. That'