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The #1 Best Orange Juice to Buy, Say Dietitians

Juice fads come and go faster than they claim to help clear your system. From the celery juice craze to the year everyone bought at-home juicers, there's always some new juice cleanse to swear by. In a world of trends, only one juice stands the test of time: orange juice. OJ has been with us all since what feels like forever—remember that perfectly-positioned glass that was "part of this complete breakfast" in childhood TV ads? Besides being an absolute staple, the juice does have some health benefits. Many Americans struggle to get enough vitamin D , which fortified orange juice can help supplement . It's also correlated with bone strength and improved mood. Plus, perhaps most widely known, orange juice takes care of your vitamin C intake—one 8 ounce glass provides almost all of what you need for the day. The only issue with juice? When fruit becomes juice it loses most of its fiber content , which in turn diminishes the nutritional value. "I tend to pref