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The #1 Healthiest Fast-Food Burger Order, According to Nutritionists

Burgers get a bad rap because we've moved them past their simple essence—meat between bread—and loaded them up with all kinds of gluttonous toppings like slices of processed cheese, bacon, creamy aiolis or mayo, and even eggs, which in itself aren't bad for you, but can unnecessarily kick up the calorie count of your burger. These days, we often have the added option of the plant-based burger , which allows vegans and vegetarians to enjoy something that's very similar to meat in taste and texture. And since it's plant-based, many think it's automatically better for you than a beef burger , too. But for those with flexible diets—do the benefits of getting a plant-based patty instead of the beef one really outweigh the sacrifice of eating something that isn't quite the real deal? Impossible burgers, for example, are light on the cholesterol that usually comes with real meat, and they do offer a few grams of fiber. RELATED: The Worst Fast Food Burgers—Ranked!