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The #1 Warning Sign You Don't Exercise Enough, Say Experts

"Listen to your body" is one of the biggest truisms of the health and wellness world for good reason. Our stomach growls when we're hungry, our mouth dries out when we're thirsty, and our eyelids droop and we start to yawn when we're tired. Apparently, our bodies are known to drop some major hints when we're not getting the five-plus hours per week of exercise our bodies need to thrive. The biggest and most common of these hints: persistent stiffness and soreness, says Justin Meissner , a NASM-certified trainer. "If you feel stiff or achey or even have a joint pain, that can oftentimes be from a lack of movement," he says, especially if you don't have an underlying health condition or injury that could contribute to those feelings. Lisa Herrington , an ACSM certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and founder of FIT House Davis , agrees. "Exercising creates soreness but so does sitting," she says. When people are too sedentar