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The Best & Worst Barbecue Sauces on Store Shelves, According to RDs

Barbecue sauce is the much-needed complement for juicy, baby back ribs or even a grilled chicken sandwich on a warm summer's day. Yet, some barbecue sauces are actually laden with sugar and sodium . And slathering them all over that healthy grilled meat can instantly turn the meal into a diet disaster. See, it's often hard to stick to one serving size. You're probably dousing your meat, veggies, and fish in that hearty, mouthwateringly tasty BBQ sauce without considering portion size, calories, and how the sauce may affect your body's water retention and blood sugar. Kind of the last thing on your mind when you're at a backyard hang, right? Luckily, there are some BBQ sauces out there on the grocery store shelves that are lower in sugar, carbs, calories, and sodium. They'll spruce up that grilled patty on a bun the right way. So, to best help you out when you're shopping, here are the best and worst barbecue sauce options. We rounded up some of the be