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The Best & Worst Chicken Soups on the Shelves—Ranked!

Whether it's a winter evening spent by the fire or a sick day on the couch, a cup of the best chicken noodle soup seems to be everyone's ally once the weather turns cold. And believe it or not, there's even research that backs up this observation. According to a national analysis from GrubHub (an online food ordering service) and ZocDoc (a service that helps patients find and book doctor appointments online), when cold- and flu -related appointments increase, there's also an uptick in soup orders—especially the chicken-based varieties. And since research suggests that chicken soup can be particularly effective at providing relief from these types of illnesses, it makes a lot of sense. But not all canned chicken soups have the same nourishing effects as the homemade varieties. Many of them actually have far too much sodium and fat to be considered healthy. Then there are the cans that are riddled with creepy ingredients that will do the opposite of benefiting your he