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The Best & Worst Chips in 2021—Ranked!

Potato chips , snack crisps, cheese puffs, tortilla chips —whatever you want to reach for come snack time—all have their pros and cons. The obvious pro is that they're delicious, full stop. However, they are a salty snack , which means some of those chips you love pack a lot of salt into each little crunchy bite. "Simply made of potatoes , salt, and oil, chips are typically an 'empty calorie' food," says dietitian Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD , who also pointed out that in general, chips don't "offer much in the nutrition department." For the most part, a potato chip is simply potatoes, salt, and oil, and while a small ingredient list is often what someone eating healthy would like, that doesn't mean it's necessarily healthy . That being said, like with just about any food, moderation is key. In fact, snacking on chips as a treat when you really want them can make them even more enjoyable and will satiate your hunger for them. Though our r