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The Best Breakfast Foods to Eat If You Have Diabetes, Says Dietitian

Diabetes can make mealtimes feel overwhelming and confusing. Between choosing foods that don't spike your blood sugar and making sure you're keeping track of that carb count, it's no wonder breakfast can be a hard meal to cook for—especially given that so many popular breakfast foods are loaded with added sugars . So what's a diabetic to do? Whether you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , you're pre-diabetic, or you're simply looking to keep that blood sugar low, we're setting the record straight with the best breakfast foods to eat for diabetes. We would even argue these options are great for anyone who's working toward better health ! RELATED: Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get even more healthy tips straight to your inbox. 1 Veggie omelet Eggs are a powerful protein-packed breakfast option to keep blood sugar levels stable all day. Many studies have found that beginning your day with a high-protein breakfast can preven