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The Best Casserole In Every State

If you feel like casseroles have been around for what seems like forever, that's because they pretty much have. According to Wikipedia, the idea of the casserole dates back thousands of years , with the dish first starting out as a combination of pounded rice and savory filling. Over time casseroles evolved, with the 1950s being an especially popular era for casseroles as lightweight cookware popped up on the market. The ever-versatile casserole, which is embraced by all food groups and many cultures, proves it is not just a one-trick dish that appears only during the holidays. This list encompasses every kind of casserole you could possibly imagine (and some you never have) from every corner of the globe. What they all have in common is the ability to warm the eater like a big hug and to warm up even the chilliest of fall days. Here are the best restaurant casseroles in each state. (Plus, don't miss The Best Fried Chicken in Every State !) ALABAMA: Filet and Vine in Mont