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The Best Meatloaf In Every State

Is it us, or is meatloaf, akin to macaroni cheese and mashed potatoes, one of the ultimate comfort foods ? Easy to prepare and packed with flavor, meatloaf has that special something that reminds us of simpler times . As it turns out, meatloaf has been around for centuries— since the 5th century , to be more exact—satiating people's hunger. Throughout history variations of the beloved dish have appeared across cultures, such as the Cuban pulpeta, the bacon-wrapped version from Denmark, and the U.K.'s regional pork options which are both tasty and decadent. As it goes, everyone seems to love a good meatloaf. Lucky for us, if we don't feel like making our own, a great takeout (or dine-in) meatloaf isn't too hard to find. From restaurants that create their meatloaf dishes by using unexpected ingredients, such as bourbon and figs, to others that serve an elevated version of the classic recipe, here are some of the best meatloaf options in each state. P.S. You'll never