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The Best Red Wines to Buy Right Now, Say Experts

Good news for wine lovers — August 28 is National Red Wine Day . The holiday is basically an excuse to get together with friends and treat yourselves to a high-quality glass (or two!). But let's just come out and say it: wine shopping can be very confusing. It's hard to identify which red wines on the shelf will taste great and which ones will, well, leave you disappointed . So, to help you lock down the very best red wine, we asked two sommeliers to lend advice on how to go about choosing the right bottle. RELATED:  12 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine "Rooty tooty, fresh and fruity is the sign of a good wine, but adding in layers of secondary and tertiary notes is what kicks it up a notch," Brianne Cohen , a Los Angeles-based certified sommelier, wine educator, and writer, tells Eat This, Not That! "So things like spice notes (black pepper and cinnamon) and earthiness—these complex notes let me know I have a great red wine in my glass." Of course