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The Best Summer Foods for Weight Loss

From sunshine-filled days to idyllic beach getaways, summer is the perfect time to take things slow and enjoy the great outdoors before the colder temperatures creep back in. But, for many of us, summer is also the time when tons of unhealthy foods —like oversized frozen cocktails, sugary carnival treats, and deep-fried seafood—make their way onto our menus, leaving us stuffed and bloated . But we're here to help you with that. With all the fresh fruits and vegetables reaching peak ripeness in the summer, it's not hard to swap out those fattening foods for waist-friendly ones that are just as delicious. To get beach-ready by summer, add these essential superfoods to your menu today. And make sure you're staying far away from any of these worst summer foods for your belly , and instead, stock up on any of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now ! 1 Cherries Cherry-picked for their health benefits, these tasty summer superfoods do more than just satisfy your sweet