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The Best Supplements for Pregnancy, Say Experts

When you are ready to start your family, there's nothing more exciting and special than discovering you are pregnant . However, it can also be overwhelming, as bringing new life into the world forces a woman to think critically about her diet, lifestyle , activities, and health. As holistic nutritionist Ruby Lathon, Ph.D. explains, pregnancy is magical—but it's also one of the most taxing things a woman's body goes through for an extended period. In fact, she says studies have indicated that the amount of energy required for pregnancy is like that of extreme endurance athletes—like ultra-marathoners or competitors in the Tour de France. "Thus, the nutrient requirements during pregnancy are monumentally important and necessary to ensure the health of the developing baby and mom-to-be during this 9-month marathon," she explains. With your body going through so much, we had to ask Lathon—what types of supplements would be good to take during pregnancy? Here are