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The Foods To Eat To Lose Weight in Your Face

When trying to lose weight in your face specifically, some factors (like genetics) are out of your control. But there might be a reason your face looks plumper than it actually is: face bloat. If you're consistently waking up with a puffy face, the culprit could be more than just a high-sodium dinner. It may mean you have food sensitivities—such as gluten and lactose intolerance —which can cause bloating , inflammation, and even disrupt hormones . More often than not though, your body is likely holding onto excess water , which can cause bloating or that feeling (and appearance) of fullness. Abbey Sharp, RD, owner of Abbey's Kitchen, explains that water weight is "extra water that's hanging around the tissues, joints, and body cavities between cells." And unfortunately, a lot of factors (including certain foods) can cause you to gain water weight. So if you're trying to combat a full face, look to make changes to your diet. Here are the foods to avoid