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The One Diet That Will Slim Down Your Waistline, Says Dietitian

Lose Your Gut! Blast Your Belly! The New Secrets to Flat Abs Fast !  Who can resist reading about the latest technique that promises… A Tighter Tummy Today! For those who want to target the area rolls over the waistband of her jeans. Here's the problem: There's really no diet or exercise that can perform "a surgical strike," a laser-focused attack on belly fat alone. And that frustrates many people when they don't get the super-quick results many diet programs promise. "You can't spot reduce abdominal fat," says Melissa Daniels, RD , head nutritionist, and director of managed plans for G-Plans , a science-based weight-loss and wellness company co-founded by nutritional scientist Philip Goglia, PhD . " The key to shrinking your midsection," says Daniels, "is reducing overall body fat percentage. " Daniels advocates a three-pronged diet plan that will help the majority of people who tend to hold their weight around their waists: