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The One Exercise You Need to Do to Reshape Your Body, Says Science

There have never been more exercise options available to you than there are right this second, and if you're wading into the fitness waters for the first time, you'd be forgiven for feeling slightly daunted. Should you try trendy virtual classes ? Yoga ? Pilates ? Do some dance moves ? If you're looking to get lean and melt more fat, should you start training for a 10K or should you engage in high-octane bouts of high-intensity interval training ? Even if you just want to walk your way to a healthier body , the options are surprisingly numerous: Should you stroll for longer distances, go fast, walk your nearest high-school football stadium steps, do Nordic walking , or perform interval workouts ? Well, if overall fitness is your goal, the leading fitness pros will tell you that they're all fantastic, and you should choose whatever workout you think you'll enjoy and stick to it. After all, any movement is good movement, and if you hate doing something, that's a