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The One Protein Powder You Should Never Buy, Say Experts

Gone are the days when protein powder was popular for only the bulkiest guys in the gym. These days, protein powders and shakes are bolstering many people's diets , especially as the abundance of plant-based options becomes an increasingly easy way to give your body the nutrition it needs while supporting your fitness goals . If you've ever felt that buying just the right protein powder can be an overwhelming choice, two registered dietitians have advised exactly what to look for… and, what to avoid. We see you getting creative with your protein powder strategies. Some people have been blending their protein shake with cold brew (hello, morning wakeup!), while others consider overnight oats or pancakes fortified with protein powder to be breakfast hits. RELATED:  15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work No matter how you're working in protein powder, read on to learn the one thing a nutrition pro says you should avoid, and the most important protein powder a