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The Single Worst Way to Sit for Your Body, Says New Research

Fact: Sitting too much, in any form, is bad for your body. When you sit for too long, science has shown that you're setting yourself on the path to weight gain , back and shoulder pain, poorer mental health , less quality sleep , and dangerous chronic conditions such as heart disease. But according to a new review of health studies overseen by Wuyou Sui, Ph.D., a kinesiologist at Western University—and soon to be published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise — there are indeed different ways you can be sitting, and some are better than others. Read on for more of what these scientists uncovered and how it applies to your own body and your overall sense of wellbeing. And if you fear that you're living an overly sedentary lifestyle, make sure you're aware of The One Major Side Effect of Sitting on the Couch Too Much, According to a New Study . 1 It's About Your Sense of Wellbeing The review of studies focused on the context in which people lived a sed