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The Verdict on How Healthy Fruit Juice Actually Is, Says New Study

The juice section of the grocery store can feel like a puzzling place. To start, you've heard that the vitamins and antioxidants in some fruit juices are good for you—but then again, what about all that sugar inside the container? Findings from a new study can help you differentiate between fruit juice that's healthy, versus what's not. Here's the one thing a group of medical researchers suggest you should watch out for in the juice aisle. A team of biology and physiology scientists in Portugal set out to research the role of fruit juice sugars in causing weight gain , oxidative stress (which may lead to inflammation and ultimately, disease) and high levels of blood sugar in normal and diabetic rats. They used two types of beverages—real fruit juice and a sugary solution with similar sugar content as the juice—to measure their effects on both groups of rats over a four-week period. RELATED:  15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work The scientists disc