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The Worst Reason To Drink Wine, Says Science

If you're drinking wine for all of the health benefits it could have, you may want to put a cork in it, according to science. There are plenty of health-related reasons to drink the occasional glass of wine—can potentially ward off cardiovascular disease, potentially lengthen your life, among other things—but sometimes the benefits of this beverage can be overblown. Read on to find out why. The results have been overstated. In fact, though some studies have suggested that drinking red wine can reduce blood pressure (which in turn can lessen the chances of a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and cardiovascular death) there is some indication that this is something that has been blown out of proportion. That is to say, it's generally understood that more research needs to be carried out before people can definitively tout wine's ability to reduce blood pressure, so this shouldn't be your top reason to drink wine.  For more healthy eating news, make sure to s