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There May Soon Be a Major Coffee Shortage For This Reason, Experts Say

The week started high for coffee lovers, with some cafés , like Starbucks', announcing that vaccinated customers may now enter Starbucks mask-free . Unfortunately we're ending on a less celebratory note, as Bloomberg reports that the world's biggest coffee exporter is under threat. In truth, this could soon wipe out the majority of our coffee supply. This week, Bloomberg reported that Brazil's rainy season saw a serious lack of rain. Some of the biggest coffee-producing areas received less than half the rain than the usual amount. As a result, says the report, "production of arabica coffee, the high-end kind used by chains like Starbucks Corp., is also dropping sharply." Brazil is the world's biggest exporter of coffee. RELATED: Grocery Shortages To Expect in 2021, According To Experts The wet season in Brazil typically runs during the northern hemisphere's winter and leaves farmers with enough water to irrigate coffee crops and keep them alive for