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These 4 Costco Items Have Changed, Customers Say

Unlike other grocery stores , there are actually significantly fewer items at each Costco warehouse—even though they are  huge . However, Costco members know these products well and can tell when something has changed even in the slightest. Recently they have noticed some favorites throughout the warehouse are not what they use to be. Many of them documented their findings on social media, with some even asking if others noticed it, too. Here are a few of the items people say are not like they normally are. Related:  Costco Just Told Members This Grocery Essential is Delayed 1 Pumpkin Pie Costco members have been enjoying the huge pumpkin pies in the bakery section for a few weeks now. But there's a big difference between this year's pies and last year's—and it doesn't have to do with the pumpkins inside or the flaky crust. It's actually the price. Not only is the 3.5+ pound dessert massive and great for a crowd, but it used to be a staple at $5.99. Howev