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These 8-Minute Pre-Breakfast Workouts Will Help You Get Lean, Says Trainer

As a certified trainer, I'm a huge proponent of early-morning exercise . (Yes, even if you hate waking up with the sun.) Why? First of all, working out in the morning ensures that you get it done first thing, before the demands of life (work meetings, commutes, grocery shopping, etc.) get in the way. For many people, the longer their day goes, the less likely they're able to work out due to time, scheduling, and a lack of mental energy or motivation. And that doesn't exactly gel with meeting your fitness goals, especially if you want to get lean. Plus, there are lots of health and fitness benefits to exercising before breakfast. Training in a fasted state (aka before you eat) can help elevate your metabolism and may potentially burn more fat . You might also get better results from your workout, as some research suggests that people's aerobic endurance is greater in the morning . Again, all great things if you're looking to get fit and lean. That said, mornings o