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These Are America's Favorite Fast-Food Chains in 2021, New Data Says

One of the nation's most telling indicators of customer restaurant satisfaction is in, and—especially in a time when the pandemic caused even the most health-conscious among us to retreat back to the good old drive-thru—this data reveals a lot about our tastes. Did your favorite fast food spot make the list? Some top picks were clear winners… while some that tumbled in popularity might surprise you. This week, USA Today reported that the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its list of the best fast-food chains. How was "best" determined? The ACSI describes itself as an "economic indicator that measures the satisfaction of consumers across the U.S. economy." As such, this year's ACSI Restaurant Study was "based on interviews with 19,423 customers, chosen at random and contacted via email between April 1, 2020, and March 29, 2021," the ACSI explains. The ACSI says they asked customers to evaluate their recent experiences on fa

These Are America's Favorite Fast-Food Chains in 2021

Americans are heading back to restaurants in droves , but some fast-food chains currently have a better reputation among customers than others. The just-released American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals how the biggest fast-food chains stacked up against each other over the last year, and which ones delivered the kind of service and quality of food diners would return to. The list of this year's top limited-service restaurant chains was based on surveys conducted on more than 19,000 consumers between April 1, 2020, and March 29, 2021. Customers were asked to rate their recent experiences with these chains based on the accuracy of their order, food variety and quality, restaurant cleanliness, staff helpfulness, and satisfaction with their digital services like mobile apps. Here are the top-rated fast-food chains in America right now. For more, check out The Best Burger in Every State, According to Yelp . 5 Five Guys In its first-ever appearance on the list, Five Guys