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These Are the Best States for Berry Picking

Fall may have pumpkins and apples, but in the summer, it's all about the berries . When the weather gets warmer, a great outdoor activity is none other than berry picking. You can do it anywhere in the U.S., but there are some states that have better in-season berries than others. So if you're planning a trip or want to do something fun locally, this guide is for you. The team at Gurney's went ahead and pinpointed the best states for all your berry picking needs. They analyzed a variety of factors including weather, growing season, and the number of U-pick farms. From there, they assigned each of these factors a numerical value and crunched the data to uncover which states are indeed the best for berry picking. The highest score the top state could receive is 50 points, so the ones that came closest to that number were deemed the best. Something this data did find? All regions of the country have great states for overall berry picking. So no matter where you live, there