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These Are the Exact Foods Ciara Ate to Lose 39 Pounds

Ciara has made a major transformation over the past year, losing a staggering 39 pounds since welcoming her son Win with her husband, NFL player Russell Wilson , in July 2020. However, it wasn't a restrictive diet or bootcamp-style exercise program that helped the "Level Up" singer reach her weight loss goals . The star joined the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) program to lose the weight, and recently shared the foods that have been integral to her slim-down journey. Read on to find out exactly what Ciara has been eating to shed the pounds. And for more on how your favorite stars get fit, check out This Is Ben Affleck's Exact Meal and Exercise Plan to Stay in Shape . 1 She started each day with the right mindset. With a busy career, a husband with an equally busy work schedule of his own, and three young kids at home, finding a program that was easy to follow was essential for Ciara in terms of staying consistent. "Mindset has been everything for me t