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These Are the Real Reasons Why You Sneeze, Explains Pediatric Nurse

Aaaaa-choo! While your first thought may be to say "Gesundheit!" your second might be to ask: "Where did that sneeze come from?" Sneezing is a phenomenon that occurs in both people and animals . It happens when your body forcibly expels air from your lungs through your nose and mouth. Most of the time, sneezing happens when something infectious, like a virus or bacteria, or irritating, like an allergen or chemical, enters your nostrils. Your body uses sneezing as a defense mechanism to clear your nose of mucus—also known as snot—and prevent foreign objects and particles from entering your airway. Lydia Bourouiba and her lab at MIT study the physics of sneezes. But sneezing can also occur as a reaction to more unusual stimuli. Chemicals like piperine or capsaicin found in foods like black pepper and chili peppers can irritate the nerve endings inside your nose's mucous membranes and lead to a sneeze. Another type of sneeze is psychogenic , meaning it&#