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These Foods Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Progress, Says New Study

Foods that have a high glycemic index (GI) like white bread , potatoes, and white rice are much more likely to increase the risk of weight gain following weight loss, according to a study in Diabetes Care . Glycemic index measures the rate at which blood glucose spikes after a meal. The more dramatic that swing is, the more it's associated with type 2 diabetes risk and weight gain overall. In the recent study, researchers looked at data from a global study of over 2,000 people who were classified as overweight or obese. In the first phase, all participants consumed meal replacement shakes to achieve fast weight loss—the average drop over eight weeks was about 24 pounds. In the second phase, conducted over a three-year time period, researchers compared two diets and two exercise strategies. One was a high-protein , low-GI diet while the other was a moderate-protein, moderate-GI diet, each of which was then combined with either high- or moderate-intensity exercise. RELATED:  Bes