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This Iconic, High-End Pizza Chain Is Expanding to These New Locations

Top-quality pizza chain Grimaldi's , which boasts a culinary reputation for authentic coal-fired, brick-oven pizza, has just signed on its first domestic franchisee which will accelerate its expansion into new American territories. Thanks to the new agreement, one lucky Southern state can expect to enjoy its first taste of the world-famous New York-style pie later this year. The iconic pizzeria currently operates 41 company-owned restaurants from coast to coast, but thanks to Power Brands Hospitality Group (PBHG), its first domestic operational partner, the chain will now expand into Alabama with two locations. According to QSR Magazine , PBHG will open its first location in Huntsville, with a location in Birmingham coming shortly thereafter. RELATED: One of America's Fastest-Growing Pizza Chains Plans To Open 460 New Locations "Grimaldi's is one of the world's most iconic New York-style pizzerias and we are thrilled to bring the accomplished brand to Huntsville

This Iconic, Nearly Extinct Fast-Food Chain Is Planning a Comeback

Many of America's favorite restaurant chains from the 1970s have fallen by the wayside, living on only in our memories, books, TV shows, and movies. And while the days of Howard Johnson's or the Burger Chef are forever behind us, some beloved fast-food chains of yesteryear still might have a bright future ahead. One such relic of that era has recently announced a comeback. Nathan's Famous recently said it's planning to revive the iconic fish-and-chips chain Arthur Treacher's. According to QSR Magazine , Arthur Treacher's will be relaunched as a ghost kitchen, with plans to open physical restaurants down the line. A brief refresher— a ghost kitchen is a restaurant without a dining room, one that exists exclusively on online ordering platforms, available only for delivery (or sometimes for delivery and pickup). So, when the beloved chain comes back, you won't actually be able to visit the restaurant at first. RELATED: This Beloved Italian Dine-In Chain