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This One Beer Is The Secret to Living 100 Years, Says a 106-Year-Old

It sounds like a long, healthy life might not be all about swearing off treats and forever avoiding alcohol . A nearly 107-year-old Pennsylvania woman reportedly credits one unexpected habit—a beer a day—with her longevity . But not just any beer! Keep reading to learn the beer brand some media outlets are referring to as the real fountain of youth. Also, don't miss  Eating Habits to Lower Your Cholesterol, According to Dietitians . Special Delivery Margaret Dilullo, a woman from the Reading, PA area, received a special shipment on Thursday when representatives from Yuengling arrived at Dilullo's home. The Yuengling team included Debbie Yuengling, a sixth-generation member of the brewery, who presented Dilullo with multiple cases of Yuengling beer. It seems the Yuengling team traveled from their Pottsville, PA headquarters, which lies about an hour away from Dilullo's home. Subscribe to the Eat This, Not That! newsletter  to get the biggest food news daily.