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This One Diet Change Can Reduce Your Migraines, New Study Says

Although medication can help prevent and treat migraines to some degree, a new study in The BMJ suggests complementing that approach with dietary changes could make a big difference—specifically, by modifying the type of fat you're eating. Researchers looked at 182 people diagnosed with frequent migraines and split them up into three groups for 16 weeks. One was a standard U.S. diet with an average amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, while a second group increased its omega-3s and maintained their omega-6 levels. The third group ate meals that were significantly lower in omega-6s and much higher in omega-3s. RELATED:  26 Best Omega-3 Foods to Fight Inflammation and Support Heart Health The standard group didn't see much change, but as the omega-3s increased, the incidence of pain went down in the other groups. The group that consumed the least omega-6s saw the biggest improvement. That falls in line with other research on healthy fats and brain function, according