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This One Exercise Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction in Women, Says Study

Cycling is one of the most popular forms of exercise and is only growing in popularity. According to the latest statistics , there are upwards of 50 million active cyclists in the United States. This is great news, of course, as cycling is well known to be an amazing, near-zero-impact activity that will work your heart and muscles while protecting you from stroke, heart attack, depression, obesity, and even some cancers. And while experts have debated whether or not exercising on a bicycle seat can lead to sexual dysfunction in both sexes for a long time—and studies have indeed found that men who cycle a lot can experience impotence—a new study just published this month in the journal Sexual Medicine has some interesting takeaways for female cyclists. Read on for more about this study, and what it means for you. And for some great exercise advice, don't miss The Secret Side Effects of Exercising Before Breakfast, Says Science . 1 875 Female Cyclists Participated in the Stud