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This State Is the Most Obsessed With Starbucks, Data Reveals

As of late August, there are 14,944 Starbucks locations operating in the U.S. And given our current population , the number makes for a national average of one Starbucks for every 22,313 people. But depending on where in America you go, both the per capita saturation and Starbucks unit counts can vary significantly. That's because some states have a huge number of Starbucks outlets, while others have bewilderingly few. However, one state, in particular, leads the pack with its Starbucks obsession. According to data sourced from VinePair, California is the state with the greatest number of Starbucks stores by far. Currently, the Golden State has 2,959 locations, while the next highest count of 1,215 locations, which is found in Texas, doesn't even come close. In fact, Califonia has about double the number of Starbucks locations per capita compared to the national average—one Starbucks for every 13,349 Californians. RELATED: Starbucks Baristas Say These Drink Orders Are "