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Unhealthiest Proteins for Weight Loss, According to Experts

The word " protein " on food packages attracts people like live bait rings the dinner bell to largemouth bass. We hunt down protein because we know it builds muscle at the same time it helps us lose weight. Protein is a key macronutrient for all sorts of important processes in our bodies. For example, protein… preserves our muscle mass as we age, keeps us from losing muscle at the same time we're losing weight, satisfies hunger longer than the other macronutrients , is more difficult for the body to turn into fat, requires the body to use more energy to process through digestion (known as the "thermic effect of food"), and can help reduce calorie intake by staving off hunger pangs. But your body doesn't react to all proteins the same way. Some proteins are more useful for muscle building than others. And some proteins are unhealthy to eat regularly. Here is what some experts had to say about the unhealthiest proteins for weight loss. And for more on prot