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Virus Expert Issues "Unfortunate" Warning

The coronavirus pandemic isn't over, as a new variant, called Delta, is proving more transmissible. This has experts—and Americans—worried. Dr. Paul Sax from Brigham and Women's Hospital appeared on CNN today to discuss why we should all be more careful. Read on for 5 life-saving pieces of advice and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You Have "Long" COVID and May Not Even Know It . 1 Virus Expert Warns Delta Variant is "the Champ" We have had other variants before. What's so special about this one? "This particular variant seems to be the champ, unfortunately, as far as contagiousness," said Sax. "And so it's about 60 to 70% more likely to be transmitted. So the kind of activities that maybe before wouldn't have led to transmission to the virus now could, because of Delta—it does have some of the vaccine-evasive properties of some of the other variants, but it does look like