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We Tasted 9 Hummus Brands & This Is the Best One!

A staple in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, hummus is a protein-packed snack made with mashed chickpeas , tahini , lemon, and garlic. It can be garnished, of course, with things like olive oil, parsley, paprika, or spices before being served as part of a mezze platter (a small assortment of appetizers) or on its own with pita and vegetables. Simple, right? OK, then. If hummus really is that simple, is it even possible for brands to mess it up? I sought out to taste as many different types of the savory spread on the market and see how they stacked up against one another. For the purpose of this list, I only compared classic hummus , but there are flavors galore out there. From roasted red pepper to even buffalo chicken, the range is massive. I looked for hummus with a light and fluffy texture and that perfect blend of flavors. Here are the nine different hummus brands I tried, ranked from worst to best. If you're looking for a good beer to serve with your hummus, che