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We Tried 7 Boxed Red Wines & This Is the Best

Boxed wine has been around since the 1980s, but has spiked in popularity over the past few years as people look for easier ways to store and drink wine , as well as be more eco-conscious. In fact, more people are turning to boxed wine after realizing the quality of wine is the same as what's in the bottles, and it's way easier to let family and friends pour themselves a glass right out of the fridge without the need for a corkscrew. In the name of science, we tried seven different boxed wines to see which one is the best. To start, I narrowed down this search for boxed wine to only include red wine, which is consistently the most Googled wine across the United States, according to a Google Trends search. Then, once  I was at the liquor store, I tried to pick options that I knew would be readily available in most grocery stores . After gathering a few friends—because who wants to drink alone—I broke open the boxes and we started tasting. This is the official ranking of seven