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What Happens To Your Heart When You Eat Eggs

Despite what you may have heard about eggs in the past, just know that they're actually not all that bad for you. In fact, egg yolk in particular—which is the part of the egg that contains the cholesterol—contains the most nutrients. But let's talk about how eggs can affect your heart health . While eggs are naturally high in cholesterol (one large egg contains about 187 milligrams of cholesterol ), they don't appear to play a role in raising cholesterol levels the way that foods high in saturated and trans fats do, says the Mayo Clinic . In fact, you'll even notice the most recent USDA Dietary Guidelines don't even specify how much cholesterol you should limit yourself to each day. This is because health experts agree that the focus should instead be on eliminating foods that have more evidence of being a threat to your heart health. These include fried foods , sugar-laden beverages such as soda , and red meat. RELATED: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now