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Miracle Valentine? Scientists find red wine may help in weight loss

Each time a scientific study concludes that alcohol consumption may offer health benefits , people rejoice. Who does not want to believe that occasional , or occasionally , cocktail, glass of wine or a bottle of beer not only enhance your mood, but also improve your health? When these studies find that red wine can enhance memory or beer can defend against neurodegenerative diseases, it is only human nature to want to raise one or two glasses and toast to those intelligent scientists that we only got a license for a bit drunk. If you read beyond the headlines, however, you will often find that a concept always stood out : moderation. Moderation rare turn leads to tipsy . The latest study to find health benefits alcohol is sure to get people excited at first sight red wine can help weight loss . Just before Valentine's Day , when all the corks are popping weekend , we are told that the wine we drink can cancel