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How long does coronavirus live on metal? Plastic? Cardboard? We have expert answers

Worried about how long coronavirus can stay on grocery-cart handles? Here, medical professionals advise on how to stay safe from infected surfaces. It’s been drilled into us by now: Wash your hands multiple times a day to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. But what about the dangers of shared surfaces? The counter at the grocery store, the handle on the gas pump, the ATM keypad. According to experts, venturing out at all means coming in contact with surfaces that could carry COVID-19. “Droplets can stay on surfaces for several days, increasing the risk of infection,” says Susan Besser, MD, a primary care physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. “So, be careful what you touc Surfaces and the spread of infection According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), COVID-19 is mainly spread from person to person through respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. But the virus can also spread when someone touches an in

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