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Can't lose weight? The 5 cooking mistakes derailing your diet

  DOING all the right things by cooking healthy meals at home – but still can’t shed the pounds no matter how hard you try? If that applies to you, it could be down to some simple cooking mistakes that are derailing your diet. There are some common cooking mistakes you could be making that might be derailing your diet Top dietitian Susie Burrell has revealed that there are some common mistakes people make at home that pack in the fat, sugar and calories into your 'healthy' home cooked meals. The Sydney-based expert says: "While home cooked food is generally more nutritious and lower in calories than take away and restaurant meals, it can also be exceptionally easy to overdo things in the kitchen without even realising it. "Take oil for example, the amount we regularly see celebrity chefs use on their recipes is often adding more fat to the meal than you need in an entire day." Here, Susie reveals the most common cooking mistakes people make

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