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This inflatable sleep hoodie is a genius way to nap anywhere

simply inflate and conk out.   Hypnos Master travelers know that the best way of  NAP is often not the case in a bed. See the Hypnos sleep hoodie, an inflatable sweatshirt, brilliant, each plane, train or annoying airport terminal in a comfortable and cozy napping station with only a few puffs of air: Feeling tired on the road? Only beat integrated in the canopy in tab. You activate a tiny, inflatable cushion that transforms this cozy-chic sweatshirt in the secret napping zone of every traveler desires. Ahh.   via GIPHY               Hypnos   Hypnos Hypnos The Hypnos sleep Hoodie is in the last few days the appropriations to kick starter: $49 promise you can pre-order the standard pullover hoodie, the ship in March. I think we reluctantly nap on our dusty air cushion, until then. source: huffingtonpost