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“I Started Running For My Daughter And It Gave Me A New Lease On Life”

Being a mom is stressful enough, right? Add the strain of a career, and weight loss tends to slip to the bottom of the to-do list. But not for Galebalwe Ramorola, whose resilience and passion have pushed her through running two  Comrades Marathons  — and resulted in a whopping 37kg reduction in her body weight. Name:  Galebalwe Ramorola Occupation:  Nestle market safety health and environmental specialist Age:  43 City:  Pretoria Weight before:  98.5kg Weight after:  61.5kg Height:  1.47m Time required to reach current weight:  7 years Secret weapon:  Calories in, calories out: burn more calories than you consume  The gain Gale picked up weight gradually while facing unimaginable personal challenges. “In 2002, I gave birth to twins; one passed on and the remaining twin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,” she says. Her family tried to placate her with the myth that being “big” meant being “happy”. “After my second child in 2005, a work retrenchment f

How Celebs slim with! Diet Secrets From Hollywood Hottest Stars

Clean juice cutting carbs, celebrities are always trying new ways to lose weight! Hollywood stars are constantly searching for new and effective to lose weight and look good ways, and People magazine has gathered all the details about the hottest celebrity diets moment! Victoria Beckhamhas been eating alkaline Way! The theory behind the diet is to eat alkaline foods, no acids, which are easier on your system. The diet limits and nothing processed animal protein. "I love this healthy cookbook," Posh tweeted in February, endorsing 's book Honestly alkaline healthy cooking. Gwyneth Paltrow works difficult to maintain their body looking blows, and the iron man 3 star has a little help from your doctor that created the Gut Clean diet. "My start to the doctor, Alejandro Junger health means literally the insideout! Gut clean is revealing and rejuvenating" Paltrow gushed about the 28-day plan to rehabilitate your gut by eating smoothies for breakfast, ligh